Seans such a bitchfuck =\

Att1cuS5604: why do u hate me so much
PostIt46: nobody said i hated u. i dont appreciate bein called a slut, thats for sure
Att1cuS5604: i didnt mean it i dont even remember the day i fuckin said it
**PostIt46: maybe youll remember now...
Att1cuS5604: u put it on there
Att1cuS5604: wow
PostIt46: i tho ti was funny
Att1cuS5604: :-\
PostIt46: n FYI - i was on the phone with jerry that entire time
Att1cuS5604: AWESOME
PostIt46: maybe in ur world it is..
PostIt46: y do you wanna talk to me?
Att1cuS5604: i dont get wtf ur problem is
PostIt46: wat MY problem is!?
Att1cuS5604: yes!
PostIt46: ur the most fucking bipolar and indecisive person ive ever met! u think I have a problem??
Att1cuS5604: you fuckin go out with me then dump me like 4 hours later
Att1cuS5604: if u were gonna hurt me
Att1cuS5604: then whyeven say yes
PostIt46: dude, grow up. if youre gonna be hung up about somthin like that, youre not helping anybody
Att1cuS5604: wtf
Att1cuS5604: u dont make any sense
Att1cuS5604: u try and avoid everything i say
PostIt46: u shud hear yourself sometimes
PostIt46: im not the only one that thinks this
PostIt46: ben said it, too
Att1cuS5604: you realy think i give a fuck what ben thinks?
PostIt46: wat DO you give a fuck about?
Att1cuS5604: i used to care about you
Att1cuS5604: but thats gone now
PostIt46: arite, well then if you dont care about me, then y the fuck r u still talkin to me?

nothing was said after this.... but no blocking was done =\ maybe thatd help?

**NOTE: where it says "maybe you'll remember now..." there was a link to my entry where it ends with "bye slut" and him blocking me

does anybody else find it absolutely hilarious that he's all like 'blah blah blah i dont care about u' n yet he keeps talkin to me??? *laughter*
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somethings really wrong with my best friend, and he wont let me do anything about it.

he wont even tell me whats bothering him because he thinks it depresses me. the only thing that depresses me is seeing him depressed, because hes my best friend, and i care about him:

AnimalXing46 (6:04:40 PM): i havnt talkd to you in like a week
BluChaos333 (6:05:02 PM): ya know ya coulda called me
AnimalXing46 (6:05:16 PM): im sorry. ive been busy
BluChaos333 (6:05:26 PM): meh its ok
AnimalXing46 (6:05:52 PM): wats up
BluChaos333 (6:06:07 PM): what do you think
AnimalXing46 (6:06:12 PM): music?
BluChaos333 (6:06:20 PM): I wish
AnimalXing46 (6:06:24 PM): :-(
BluChaos333 (6:06:46 PM): think u could call me?
AnimalXing46 (6:06:51 PM): i can later
BluChaos333 (6:08:14 PM): I've been busy with me video, pics of me, and tryin to pull myself together
AnimalXing46 (6:08:20 PM): fun
BluChaos333 (6:08:35 PM): actually its depressing
AnimalXing46 (6:08:40 PM): yy
BluChaos333 (6:09:24 PM): theres a reason I havn't been tryin to talk to ya lately
AnimalXing46 (6:09:30 PM): ?
AnimalXing46 (6:10:16 PM): r u ok?
BluChaos333 (6:10:18 PM): ur life is so much happier than mine, Id figure itd b better if i didn't mention anything about my depressing life at all
BluChaos333 (6:10:53 PM): thats all i talk about so why bother
AnimalXing46 (6:11:10 PM): because i care about u
BluChaos333 (6:11:37 PM): the only person it hurts is u so i was like i need to stop
BluChaos333 (6:12:27 PM): g2g
BluChaos333 signed off at 6:12:28 PM.
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*oh the happiness*

i spent the afternoon at jerrys house. i just got home like 45 minutes ago. went there straight from school, so i didnt get to say hi to shadow til a lil while ago.

we cuddled and had a tickle fight (he won). all was well because he kissed me :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

so happy!!! like theres not even a word to describe it!

and O_O i get to see him tmoro in school!!! YAY! haha

bens like 'we should have a party cause JESS ISNT A PRUDE ANYMORE!!' hahahaha silly, ben :p
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found this in cassie's... figured i'd steal it :)

Use the third letter of your first name to
> determine your
> > new first
a = poopsie
b = lumpy
c = buttercup
d = gadget
e = crusty
f = greasy
g = fluffy
h = cheeseball
i = chim-chim
j = stinky
k = flunky
l = boobie
m = pinky
n = zippy
o = goober
p = doofus
q = slimy
r = loopy
s = snotty
t = tootie
u = dorky
v = squeezit
w = oprah
x = skipper
y = dinky
z = zsa-zsa

> > > > > Use the second letter of your last name to
> determine the
> > first half
> > of your new last name:
a = apple
b = toilet
c = giggle
d = burger
e = girdle
f = barf
g = lizard
h = waffle

i = cootie
j = monkey
k = potty
l = liver
m = banana
n = rhino
o = bubble
p = hamster
q = toad
r = gizzard
s = pizza
t = gerbil
u = chicken
v = pickle
w = chuckle
x = tofu
y = gorilla
z = stinker

> > > > > Use the fourth letter of your last name to
> determine the
> > second half
> > of your new last name:
a = head
b = mouth
c = face
d = nose
e = tush
f = breath
g = pants
h = shorts
i = lips
j = honker
k = butt
l = brain
m = tushie
n = chunks
o = hiney
p = biscuits
q = toes
r = buns
s = fanny
t = sniffer
u = sprinkles
v = kisser
w = squirt
x = humperdinck
y = brains
z = juice

my new name = Snotty Girdlemouth

haha i should start signin things like that:

Love Always,
Snotty Girdlemouth

haha thats so great.

anyways, im goin over jerry's house tomorrow :D yaaay! i can meet his kittie and snake (Ifrit) O_O Ifrit the snake haha

ok, thats all i have to say for now.


~Snotty Girdlemouth~
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100 Questions For My Answering Pleasure!

100 Questions For Your Answering Pleasure!

Created by CrazySue and taken 16714 times on bzoink!

Hair Color:black
Eye Color:constantly changing
School Life
What's your school's mascot?unicorn
School color(s)?orange, blue, white
Who is your favorite teacher?mr c
What do they teach?shop
Is this your favorite class?just because its a week-long break every other week ;)
Do you use any instant messengers?yep
If so, which ones?AIM
About how many hours a day do you spend online?more then i should... probably
Do you have a digital camera?not of my own
If so, do you post pictures of yourself online?
Do you play any instruments?yea
If so, what one(s)?flute, and some keyboard
3 Favorite Genres Of Music:rock, hard rock, and some lighter metal
3 Favorite Bands:Green Day, Crossfade, Slipknot
Do you go to concerts and/or shows?no :'(
What is the most you've ever spent on a concert/show?:(
What is the least you've ever spent?:(
Do you think buying merch at a concert then wearing it there is corny?hell no
Do you listen to any bands that you'd be ashamed to admit to listening to?no
Did you notice the grammatical error in question 29?idk
Word Association
Pants:are good
Music:*rocks out loud* hahaha
Sweater:sweatSHIRTS are better
Live Journal:"The Little Jess That Could"
Do you think labels are dumb?kind of
Why or why not?because theyre just a piece of fabric stiched to the inside of the hem of the clothing to make it cost $30 more!
What do people label you as?a dorky rocker chick (cept for Cassie.. im her 2 cent whore! YAY)
How/Why did you get this label?caus im a dorky rocker chick ;)
Which Is Worse?
Physical Pain/Emotional Pain?emotional
Blink-182/Good Charlotte?good charlotte, but theyre both icky
Being Deaf/Being Blind?both suck the same
Being Bored/Rushing around because you have too much to do?bored
Losing your dominant leg/Losing your dominant arm?leg
Do you believe theres a difference between "love" and "in love"?sort of..
Is it better to have loved and lossed than to have never loved at all?well they both suck a lot, but i think to have never loved at all is a little bit better because then you get the loss
Are you romantic?yep
Are you in a relationship now?yep
If so, for how long?about 35 hours ;)
If not, how long have you been single?^^
Are you a virgin?yep
What song describes your love life right now?idk
War: Good or Bad?bad
What do you think of designer labels?gay
Who's skankier: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?paris
What is it with guys and cars?idk, i think its uber-stupid beyond belief
Do you sing?with the radio/cd player :)
If so, what part (Soprano 1,Alto 2, et cetera)?idk..... the musical part
Kiss or hug?both (even though ive never kissed... yet)
What color is your room?white walls and blue ceiling
How old is your mom?41
Black and white or color photos?color
Who cuts your hair?my mom
What color is your toothbrush?blue
What color is your hair brush?black
What kind of hair products do you use?uhhhh shampoo... and a brush
Is K-Mart just the poor man's Wal-Mart?yes
Are you sXe?*shrug*
Are you sexy?^
What color to people tells you looks nice on you?black :)
What color do you think looks nice on you?black :)
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping?clothes
Who do you sit with at lunch?
Do you like the sound of your own voice when you hear it played back?not really
Who has the nicest speaking voice that you know?idk
What is the website for one of your favorite bands?idk, i dont really visit music sites anymore, just Nintendo stuff ;) (ACDS IS DEEP IN DEVELOPMENT YAAY!)
Do you prefer to date people younger, older, or the same age as you?around the same age, but all of my bfs have been older then me
Do you listen to songs on repeat often?yes
Who was the last person you hung out with?idk
What did you and that person do?me and shannon sang about gay eskimos on the bus :D haha
Do you use internet shorthand (i.e. "lol", "brb", "jk", et cetera)?on the internet.... not in person caus thats just stupid
How often do you bathe?every night
Are you a people-pleaser?idk
Do you dye your hair regularly?yea
What about your eyebrows?no
Do you wear makeup?no
If you answered "yes", to #96, are you female?im female ;)
Do you buy CDs edited or unedited?UNedited
Can you beatbox?hell no, thats the wigger's job :)
Does your mom like the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast?yea............... :-\

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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my life is still fun!

AnimalXing46 (12:24:48 PM): sean called me a slut!
ThESketchyBtch (12:25:30 PM): lol
ThESketchyBtch (12:25:42 PM): tell him to get it right!!! your a 2 cent whore!!!!
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